Registration for our consignment will opens on the date listed in the sidebar of the website. Please click HERE to register online and enter your items for consignment. Sign up early as space will be limited. There is a $10 non-refundable registration fee to consign with us, which must be paid during your registration via Paypal.  Too often we have had well-intended consignors sign up and back out, or worse, never show up to drop off their items; in the past consignor spots were paid for by me.

We use My Consignment Manager (MYCM), which is an online system that allows you to enter your items, print tags and see your inventory online. On our side, it eliminates the need to manually calculate sale totals by allowing us to scan items at the checkout when someone purchases an item(s). Sale proceeds are split 70 percent to the seller and 30 percent to the consignment sale.

There is a ten (10) item minimum to consign. There is no maximum number of items at this time. Please note, if you do not have your minimum items entered by the date listed on the sidebar of the website, we will delete your registration from the My Consignment Manager system in order to allow other consignors to participate.

Pricing Items

By far, the hardest part of consigning your scrapbooking / stamping products is pricing. You might try to use eBay, Craigslist, etc. to gauge what people are selling their items for online. However, you might notice that for children's consignments prices are typically 1/3 of the retail price. Another piece of advice to remember is that crafters can sometimes buy new product(s) at their local craft store with a coupon so you will need to price your item(s) accordingly.

Remember fellow scrapbookers and stampers are looking for a good deal. If you are willing to part with your items for a good price and / or at a discount (Saturday is half-price day) then you will do just fine. In My Consignment Manager, you will see that all items will be priced in $0.50 increments.

As far as half-price day goes, you have the option when entering your tags into My Consignment Manager to discount your item for Saturday's sale. If you choose to discount your item for Saturday, the price on Saturday will be 50% off your ticket price (e.g. a $3.00 item will sell for $1.50 on Saturday only).

Any items not sold during the consignment will need to be picked up no later than the date provided (see side bar for consignment dates). Items not picked up will be donated to the chosen non-profit, please no exceptions.

Tagging Items

When tagging your scrapbooking / stamping related items for consignment, we use My Consignment Manager. Click HERE to register to consign with us.

If you have consigned with us in the past, you will be pleased to know that you can transfer your items from one sale to another in the My Consignment Manager software to reduce the amount of entering and tagging your items. However, if you change the price or discount selection on a previously consigned item, you will have to reprint your tag for that item.

You will enter all your items online, print your tags and then label your items. You will print your tags on 60# card stock available at any local office supply store. Please use scotch, painters, masking tape or staples to attach your tags to the appropriate items. Many times, items in a Ziploc bag work well with a tag that is stapled onto the bag. Do not print your tags on label paper and do not use packing / shipping tape as it is impossible to remove without damage to the item. Similar items sell well as a set, bagged together in a ziploc bag. Lastly, tags are approximately 2.5" x 4"; eight tags print out per 8.5" x 11" sheet of card stock.

If selling paper, it is best to use ziploc bags to sell several sheets together, selling single sheets of paper does not sell well, if at all. Bags we have found to be big enough to hold 12x12 or larger sizes is Hefty one-zip, jumbo 2.5 gallon (14 3/8 in. x 16 in.). We have found these at Wal-Mart, Kroger and Publix.

Ribbon of any kind should be coiled, placed in a ziploc bag and tagged.

Remember, you must have all your consignment items entered into the MYCM website by the date listed on the sidebar of the website. Please no exceptions because this gives us a very short window to get the register set up for the sale!

Drop off of consigned items

Consignors must plan to drop off their tagged items on the specified drop off date and email us a time to expect you.  Plan to spend 30-minutes checking your items with someone at the consignment upon your arrival; this is to ensure that the items you have entered into the system are those that you have brought to the sale.  

Finally, please bring a self-addressed, stamped A10 size envelope to drop off.  Commission checks will be mailed to consignors within ten business days of the close of the sale.  If you do not bring an envelope to drop off, $1 will be deducted from your commission check to cover the cost of the envelope and postage.

Pick up of consigned items

Consignors are required to pick up items during the times allotted on Saturday of the sale.  If the consignor is unable to make it, please feel free to have a friend / family member pick up for you.  Also, ensure that you check the "lost tag" box prior to leaving for items that may be yours.

Please remember that we strive to ensure that unsold items are returned to their rightful owners. However, Scrap, Stamp Consign is not and will not be responsible for misplaced, lost or stolen items.

Those items not picked up within the allotted time frame will be donated to a local charity.